Pendant with a kissing couple in ivy

Un amour de Lalique – The Language of flowers

The museum will open its doors on February 1, 2022 with a new edition of Un amour de Lalique , on the language of flowers. Created around Valentine’s Day, this exhibition makes it possible to show the works or photos of objects from a different angle.

“Could anything possibly give me more pleasure than these few charming flowers, which seem to bring with them so many good thoughts and wishes from yourself, so many memories, and are so very dear to me.

Alice Ledru wrote these words to René Lalique on April 4th 1890. We know that she was his lover and muse – and the mother of two of his children -, before finally becoming his wife in 1902. Lalique created a belt buckle for Alice (“Pavot” – “Poppy”) and she was his inspiration for several pieces of jewellery. He made few objects specifically for his family and loved-ones, but flowers remained an infinite source of ideas for René Lalique and his successors, from his early flower sketches onwards.

We give flowers to please and console, to show our admiration and love. Little children detach the petals of daisies one by one to find out whether the object of their affections loves them or loves them not. Throughout the different ages of life, flowers are a powerful language we use in so many ways. See how the Language of Flowers unfolds in these examples of Lalique’s work.